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A hotel to fill you five senses with living culture.

Hotel Ethnography is a group of boutique hotels built by Windows to Japan - a well-established travel agency that prides itself on taking good care of its customers’ needs. We offer many programs focused on cultural experiences that have been developed by listening to the advice and recommendations of people who have lived and experienced the city of Kyoto for many years. The very name of our hotel - "Hotel Ethnography" (Cultural Anthropology - Ethnography) - conveys our ideal of connecting our guests with an assortment of different people who have lived experience within the city and can provide an intimate connection to the surrounding history, nature, and culture by introducing them to the many deeply-rooted traditions and spirit of craftsmanship that still permeates within the hearts of the people living within the city. Multiple trips will deepen your understanding of Kyoto as you can experience the beauty of the different seasons as well as take part in many festivals and events. We hope our guests will see our hotel as not just a place to spend the night but as a place to call home for the duration of their stay. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you might have.

Stay in a Carefully Designed Room

Our rooms and spaces have all been designed by famous Kyoto Artists specialized in “‘Hyogu” (the traditional Japanese craft of mounting pieces of calligraphy, paintings, or other works of art onto scrolls, frames, or folding screens). All our furniture, accessories and amenities have been produced either in Kyoto City itself or in Japan. We pride ourselves on taking care of our guests to the smallest details. Enjoy our organic shampoo and conditioner, delicate on the scalp, they will leave your hair soft and shiny. While staying with us you will be able to feel the touch of the traditional delicate Japanese art and handicraft in every room.

Comfortable Balance of Ordinary and Extraordinary

While being a Boutique Hotel based on the concept of ‘Kyoto and Japanese Craftsmanship’, far from being opulent we aimed to give it a ‘homey’ feeling, to create a space people would not get tired of after staying over for a while. Nevertheless, while keeping it simple, we strive only for the highest quality in both materials and craftsmanship to complement our exceptional service and hospitality. While staying with us you will have a unique opportunity to freely explore and enjoy the deeply rooted Kyoto Culture.

Cultural Experiences Programs

Our main company “Windows to Japan” is a well established travel agency adept at taking care of their customers needs. Thanks to this unique advantage we are able to provide many cultural experiences programs, every one of which developed based on the recommendation and suggestions of the locals who live the Kyoto reality every single day . Experience first hand all the traditional art and craft of Kyoto which have long gone hidden from the general public.