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When using Kitayama Trading, Inc.(*) Websites for Inquires or Bookings you will be required to input some personal information which will be recorded in our database. That information will be used exclusively by us to improve the quality of our website and general service.

1. Use

Please read the following statement before using our Kitayama Trading, Inc. Website. The use of the website will be taken as an agreement to the following policies. The following information is subject to changes without notice please make sure to always check the latest version.

2. Changes in the Service

The Services offered on our site may change without notice. Furthermore the website in its entirety or in its sections may go offline for short or long period of times due to maintenance.

3. Copyright

The information published on the website is subject to copyright. Unless in possession to a specific permit the use of this information by other parties is prohibited.

4. Disclaimer

  1. The information published on our website has been carefully checked by our staff, however we cannot guarantee it in its entirety.
  2. Information about our company itself represents the current situation on the time it was registered. Moreover our company will not assume any responsibility in case of damage or losses that might occur while using our website.
  3. Our website might be taken down at times for maintenance purposes, our company will not assume any responsibility for possible damage or losses that may occur due to those times of inactivity.

5. Link to our Website

As a general rule we allow our users to freely post links to our website however, as specific pages URL might change, we politely ask to use only the main page link. Furthermore we ask our users to refrain from linking a picture or frame only, as a link.

6. Our company policy regarding responsibility for external links on our website

To complete some of the offers on our website some links to a third party website might be added on our pages. The content of those pages are the responsibility of their owner only, therefore our company will not assume any responsibility for any damage or losses that might occur while visiting those external websites.

7. Privacy Policy

When proceeding to place a booking or sending an inquiry through our website some personal information will be required. That information will be stored in our system and will be used exclusively to improve our customers service and our efficiency. Any information you may provide will never be shared with any other third party. For more details about our privacy policy please send us your question on the FAQs page on our website.

(*) - Kitayama Trading Inc. websites include this website for The Ethnography Hotel Group as well as other websites under our management.