Hotel Ethnography Kikoku no Mori

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Start your day with an elaborate Breakfast!

Enjoy our healthy, vegetable based breakfast in a Bento box style provided with the collaboration of "Kamo Yasai", a popular restaurant in the city known for only using 100% organic, locally produced “Kyoto Yasai”: a quality of vegetables famous nationwide for their extraordinary taste.
The rice that is served for breakfast is a blend of rice that has been selected by rice masters from Hachidaime (8th generation) Gihe, a popular shop in Gion very often with an endless queue. Start your day like the rest of Japan, with a freshly cooked bowl of rice for the journey ahead.
For those who would prefer a Western Style Breakfast we provide yogurt and cereals on top of freshly baked bread from only the best bakery in the city!
The cups have been produced by the Nakasatogama master Suzuki Masahiko. Second son of the famous Suzuki Shigeji, Masahiko grew up surrounded by ceramic art. While being very simple Shiga crockery, the deep harmony in every aspect, from the strain to the shape, the size and color are expressions of his deep artistic sensitivity. We hope you will be able to perceive the tradition and technique he inherited from his father, modernized in his "beauty in the necessities" concept.